About Us

About 4 Spring Services

4 Spring Services is the home and commercial solutions for all of your maintenance needs. We focus on commercial and residential cleaning services as well as lawn care services including mowing, landscape maintenance and irrigation solutions for homes and businesses. We go above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction which is why we also include handyman repair and restoration services for homeowners and business owners.

We are your one solution for all of your maintenance needs! At 4 Spring Services, we began with a mission to be able to solve all home and business owners needs with just one call. We noticed that home and business owners were wasting valuable time calling multiple companies to handle the maintenance and upkeep of their properties that is why we have specialized in the most common needs for home and business owners such as cleaning services, landscaping, lawn care, and routine maintenance. We have even created programs that essentially put all of your maintenance needs on auto-pilot so you have more time freedom.

Meet the Founders

The Founders of 4 Springs Services is a husband and wife team, James Bailey and Alexandra Bailey. At a young age James started his very own “business” he would borrow his father’s lawnmower and go door to door in the neighborhood asking everyone if he could mow their yard. This is where the passion for owning a lawn care business first took root. It began as a way to pass the time while making a little money during the summers but progressed as James became intrigued with the ideal of owning his own business and the freedom that it gave him to be able to earn money on his own. As time passed by James became more involved in the family ranch where he learned about the different types of grass, agriculture, and different
equipment needed to properly maintain hay fields. James decided to join the Navy which during this time he was deployed to Afghanistan, when he came back home he was unsure of what he would do next so he once again went back to college to gain a degree in construction management at the University of Houston. This is where 4 Springs Services founders first met each other. Alexandra was also pursuing a degree in construction management at the time that they had met. The two both dreamed of owning their own business together and looked into the strengths that they could both offer. James had a vast knowledge of the construction and landscaping industry and Alexandra had the technical knowledge to run a business. She decided to switch her major to human resources and development in order to further her skills that would help them grow their business. In May 2020 the couple finally decided that they would open their business and call it 4 Springs Services. James would be in charge of handling the field work, scheduling, and equipment acquisition while Alexandra would run the administrative portion of the business. She already had experience with payroll, contracts, and dealing with financial information.

The Bailey Family

As a family-owned and operated company, 4 Springs Services understands the importance of spending quality time with the ones that you love. That is why we have incorporated programs that will give you back the most time possible. We strive to take care of all of your maintenance needs so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Being a military family, the Baileys decided to start a program called “4 Springs Services Gives Back” to give back to all of our honored military families who suffer through PTSD. Once a month, 4 Springs Services will donate a percentage of their earnings to those families in need.

Furthermore, we are very grateful and appreciative for those who have dedicated their lives to serving our communities and country, and for this reason, we offer an additional 10% off discount to all veterans and first responder families.

How Was 4 Springs Services Born?

4 Springs Services got its name from the Bailey family ranch that was established in 1945. The original cattle ranch had 4 natural spring fed ponds which is why it was named 4 springs ranch. The ranch has been in the Bailey family for 4 generations, James worked on the ranch as a young child with his father and grandfather. This is where he learned his hard work ethic, learned about the different types of grass, how to maintain land, and many life lessons that he instills in his team each and every project. This inspired the Bailey’s to name their company after the family ranch as a tribute to all of the hard work and heritage that has come before them.

What Does 4 Springs Services Do for Families?

4 Springs Services gives families back quality time to spend together. Studies have shown that on average American home owners spend 365 hours a year on home cleaning alone. Other studies have shown that American home owners spend over 30 hours a month on landscaping and yard work. This means that between house cleaning and lawn care American home owners spend over 725 hours on average doing chores around their homes. If each of these owners had 4 Springs Services on their side they could save on average 30 days each year. That is a whole month of their lives back that they can spend doing the things that make them happy. 4 Springs Services offers home cleaning services, landscaping services, lawn care and routine maintenance. Routine maintenance of homes can keep from costly repairs such as changing out air filters monthly. If air conditioner filters are not regularly changed out it will not filter particulates in the air that are harmful to the mechanical components of the A/C causing the air conditioning unit to run less effectively which means the unit will use more energy increasing the home owners electric bill. If routine maintenance is not taken it can also cause air conditioning units to need repairs or replacement which can cost upwards of $5,000 on average.

We are here to make your life easier and to give you back the time that you could be spending with those you love. No more stressing over trying to make it home from work to get everything looking tidy and ready for visitors. We value your family time and will happily take care of your home from the inside out. 4 Springs Services can give families back valuable time and money with our full service maintenance programs.

Contact us today and get 50% off your second service! We also offer referral discounts! If anybody you refer us to books an appointment, we will give you a 10% discount on your next service. Also, ask about our PLATINUM OPTION! This service bundles all three services- cleaning service, lawn care, and maintenance into one full-service package.