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When you have an office, you know how quickly the clutter and dust can build up due to the day to day activities. Instead of dedicating your personnel to handling the cleaning and organizing you should turn to 4 Springs Services for your Magnolia commercial cleaning needs. When you need to have a spotless office to make a great first impression with your customers you need to trust your cleaning to the best Magnolia commercial cleaning company. 4 Springs Services is equipped to handle all of your cleaning needs no matter how big or small. If you have a large multistory office building, doctor’s office, or warehouse we can handle your project with ease. We can offer daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled cleaning. We can even schedule you for before and after special event cleanings.

All of the cleaners that proudly work for 4 Springs Services are highly trained and have passed extensive background checks. We have the flexibility to work around your company’s business hours. If we need to work early hours before the business opens up or late at night, we can accommodate this request. 4 Springs Services even offers weekend cleaning for our customers to ensure that we do not interfere with the daily operations of your business.

We believe that when you are looking for Magnolia commercial cleaning you deserve to have a company that is not going to disrupt your business operations but rather enhance the experience that your employees and customers receive every time that they step into your office spaces. We also ensure that all surfaces are fully sanitized to keep those who enter your business healthy and keep from spreading any type of germs. Our company places a strict emphasis on deeply sanitizing highly toughed areas such as light switches, door handles, and any shared appliances (coffee pot, refrigerator, handrails, etc…)

We understand that when you are looking for Magnolia commercial cleaning you have a wide variety of choices to choose from, but we know that we at 4 Springs Services are the right choice for your project. We are a disabled veteran-owned and family-operated company. This might not mean much on the surface when you are searching for Magnolia commercial cleaning, but when you dive into the experience that comes with being a veteran you can understand the quality of service that you will receive.

All veterans by trade are instilled to pay attention to details in everything that they do. This is a trade that is hammered into each and every service member as a part of survival. During training, rigorous inspections are completed multiple times a day to ensure that the living and working environments of the service members are 100% in tip top shape. This high standard is the baseline for what is expected from each cleaner that works for 4 Springs Services when it comes to Magnolia commercial cleaning. A customer service rep is assigned to each customer. To keep the same quality each and every time this customer service rep will conduct checks after each cleaning is complete to ensure that the 4 Springs Services standards are exceeded in everyway possible.

Magnolia commercial cleaning | 4 Springs Difference

When you are choosing a company to perform your Magnolia commercial cleaning it is important to look into the company’s credentials. Some of the main items that you should ask the company is- How often do they clean? Do they have any other large clients? How long will the cleaning take? How do I schedule appointments? Do you have auto bill pay? What are the different ways that I can pay my bill? And a question that seems to be over-looked is “Do you have insurance?” We will dive into these questions deeper in this article and explain the reasons as to why they are important when you are looking to hire a commercial cleaning company.

The first question “How often do you clean or when do you clean?” This is something that the owner of a company needs to know right from the start. Your cleaning crews should not be interrupting your business with their cleaning business. You should ensure that the Magnolia commercial cleaning company is willing to work around your business hours by coming when it fits your schedule such as on nights or weekends.

The next question that we will cover is “Do you have any other large clients?” The reason that we ask this question is because we want to make sure that the cleaners have the compacity to take on a large commercial cleaning project. No one wants to be the guinea pig. If you are the first large cleaning client then maybe ask for a discount of some sort since you are giving them experience and building their resume as cleaners.

The next few questions are some that I believe can be looped in together because they correlate to one another. This involves how to schedule and pay for appointments. Here at 4 Springs Services we make this process as streamlined as possible. We have found that in this day and age it is easiest to offer customers an online platform in order to schedule and pay for their appointments. We even offer to have everything placed on autopilot by enrolling into our scheduled program for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning programs. When you enroll in the auto-schedule program you will then be allowed to either keep a card on file with us or link a bank account for auto payment.

Now to the big question, “Do you have insurance?” Clients sometimes do not understand how important this question is to ask because they do not see the risk involved in cleaning. When you have cleaners in your office spaces, accidents can happen and things can unfortunately get broken. If the company has insurance, then this is not as big of a deal they can file an insurance claim and get everything replaced. If the company does not have insurance, there is a good chance that you will have a hard time recouping the loss because it is going to come from the owner of the companies pocket if they even offer to pay for the damages. This is why 4 Springs Services is 100% fully insured and bonded to cover any accidents that may occur.

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